Nash Resin Crafts

Nash Resin Crafts

While Mike’s busy in the workshop I’ve been busy mastering the art of resin.

Stock is now available of pendants, earrings, keyring, brooches and other bits including magnets and compact mirrors.

I am creating items with resin, surgical steel and where possible sterling silver and i’ll dive into my gemstone collection!

All resin pieces are approximate measurements and do not include the hooks or cord. If you would like an item measuring precisely please email me in the contact page.

Most pendants are sold without a chain, this gives you the opportunity to use your own favourite chain from another piece of jewellery you have or add a coloured cord in the style you like, this also keeps the cost down as I don’t have to stock lots of different chains/cords and list lots of options- I can spend that time making more resin pieces. 🙂

I can’t replicate a piece – sorry all of these pieces are one offs and only 1 of each is available.

If you’re still reading this then thank you for reading to the end and enjoy looking through the items I have on offer.

Thanks, Rebecca.

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