Lighting up the Winter Blues

One thing I notice every time I take down the Christmas tree is how big the room is and how much it needs something new to freshen it up.

Don’t get me wrong I love our living room and I don’t want to change anything in it (at the moment) but adding to it is never a bad thing. It has green walls and is full of natural wood and fabrics, the fireplace is wooden, handcrafted by Mike, doors are the original 50’s style striped back to the natural wood. I’m not expecting it to be everybody’s cup of tea but we like it and it’s cosy in the evenings which makes me feel warm and safe. That’s what I believe a living room, in fact, the home is meant to be, our safe place. So this year instead of randomly spending money on bits and bobs, I’m doing the sensible thing of investing in beautiful pieces, something that will last and be useful.

If you love rustic, natural, unique pieces then you will love these lamp bases that we have recently hand turned from a lump of wood into some stunning. The pictures show the bases with and without a shade, we only provide the lamp base as we feel this allows you to customise the item yourself to fit in with your rooms colour scheme, the shade is 12″ again it’s up to you which colour, shape, and size you have.

Our lamps are crafted from solid wood and have brass fixtures to be used with a bayonet bulb (again for you to provide depending on your choice of shade) and a 2m long flex with an integrated switch. The woods we have used are Oak, Laburnum, Italian Olive wood, and Yew. Which is your favouite?

All of these lamp bases are available now in our Etsy and eBay shops.

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