Pen Heaven

Remember when you got told you were allowed to use a pen at school? It meant that your handwriting was legible in pencil and neat enough to use a pen.

I have begun using a pen a lot more now finding it easier to jot down notes, ideas with sketches when I get an inspired moment rather than noting everything on my phone. Don’t get me wrong, phones are great for when inspiration hits on the move but there’s something real about having a pen in your hand and writing on a fresh piece of paper – I don’t know whether I find it therapeutic watching the words and lines develop into an idea I have in my head, or maybe it’s just gratification knowing I’ve come up with the idea and have been able to get on to paper successfully and that is recognisable!

But my point is a pen should be a staple in anyone’s world. It worries me that children today do everything on tablets and the written word is not cared about the way it once was (I’m not that old, promise but the world has changed a lot in recent years) A good pen should be cherished and be of quality.

Once we started handcrafting pens I’ve never wanted to keep so many for myself and so I cherish the one I have crafted from Zebrano wood. Our pens are crafted from beautiful woods and are so smooth and tactile you want to hold them and not let it go.

We have many pens hand turned from, spalted Beech, spalted Lime, Cocobolo, Walnut, Almond, Chestnut, Purple Heart, Teak, Laburnum, Afrormosia, Elm and Bog Oak and that’s not mentioning the few Fountain pens we also have available! I’m not going to go through all of them all but some of these woods I’d like you to know in more detail.

Spalted Beech and Lime pens – spalting is forms of discoloration that can occur in wood due to the invasion by fungal spores. It can leave some beautiful patterns and colours in the wood, unfortunately, it may have been the cause of the tree to die in the first place.

Cocobolo wood is beautiful. The wood is of orange and brown colour and just gorgeous to look at.

Purple Heart and Laburnum- these are maybe two of our favourite woods to work with and they make beautiful pens. Purple Heart is brown when turned it’s only when exposed to the sun that it really turns to its wonderful purple colour. While the Laburnum wood has some beautiful speckles that seem translucent.

 Finally the Bog Oak pen, this wood is very old and dug up from the Norfolk Fens. It’s dated from around 4280 years ago and does come with a certificate of authenticity and a photocopy of the carbon dating.



All of the pens mentioned above are twist action rollerball pens that come with ink and are refillable, they will come in a presentation box (easy to wrap!). These would make a fabulous gift whether it be for Christmas as a stocking filler or small birthday gift for someone in the office. Prices range from £12-£22 and are available via our eBay Shop

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