What to get the couple with everything!

That time of the year again is closing in – WEDDING SEASON, when we spent far too much time worrying about what to get the happy couple that has everything.

Well here’s a solution, how about a handmade unique gift crafted by Mike? Think of being safe in the knowledge that your gift on that present table is definitely not the same as anyone else’s! 

So you must have an idea of who they are or why are you at their wedding? Would they love handcrafted pens so they can leave each other notes around the house, maybe team it up with some heart shaped post-it notes – all good marriages need communication! 

Or how about a unique bowl for that table in the hall to throw their keys in – not like that! or maybe a fruit bowl for the kitchen table.

How about tea lights so they can set the mood for a candlelit dinner or cosy night in. 

The options are endless. To have a look at gift idea check out our shop page

Just so you know we send our items out next day and are usually delivered between 3-5 days it will be tracked and we’ll send you the tracking details so you can keep an eye on your delivery. 

Even if you don’t have a wedding to attend this summer you have some gift ideas for the future and of course, share them with others who do!

Happy gift shopping!

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